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Separation of Church and State in Plain English

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If you have ever studied the Constitution or American history, you have heard of the United States’ separation of church and state. Unfortunately, the terms may not be as clear as they sound. There is actually quite a bit you need to understand about the American Constitution in order to see how this comes into play within the country. Not sure how this works? These points will help you better understand how the separation of church and state works. 1. Thomas Jefferson was the one who coined the phrase “separation of church and state.” The phrase was not first used in the Constitution, but it was coined by Jefferson. He wrote the phrase “separation of church and state” in a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802.  2. The concept is part of the First Amendment, but there is much more to it. The first amendment of the American Constitution includes the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause, in which it is stated that Congress may not establish an official religion for the country. Additionally, Congress may not prohibit free exercise of a religion. The First Amendment is also the part of the Constitution that guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press. 3. The idea is also part of Article 6 of the Constitution. Article 6 says that nobody will ever be required to participate in a religious test in order to be qualified for public office or a trust in the United States. This means that a politician does not have to be any certain religion in order to take office. 4. The phrase has been challenged several times. The 1879 case Reynolds v. United States and the 1947 case of Everson v. Board of Education both challenged this section of the First Amendment. If we think of the Constitution as a living document, it is easy to see why these challenges occur and how they could shape the world around us. 5. The First Amendment does not force people not to practice. For instance, a person being sworn into office is still allowed to swear in on a Bible or ask to say a prayer. Building a better understanding of the First Amendment is one way to ensure that everybody understands the reasons why we have established these clauses. As many a history teacher will tell you, when we do not understand history, we may be doomed to repeat...

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Keeping Kids Entertained In The Car

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With summer comes that classic family experience — the road trip. Road trips can get long and kids can get antsy, but there are plenty of ways to keep the little ones entertained without resorting to electronics.  Car Games Car games keep everyone entertained and communicating. Try classics like 20 Questions or I Spy. With a little preparation, the family — minus the drive, of course — can play car bingo. Create some bingo cards with things you think you’ll see on the road written in each square. You can include things like a cow, a fire truck, a person in a funny costume or someone singing in the car. The first one to find everything in a row wins. Keep everyone motivated to play by giving out coveted road trip prizes like getting first pick of the hotel bed or choosing where the family will eat for dinner.  Books Take turns reading to each other on those long stretches of highway. Chapter books with involved stories are fun choices, but so are interactive books. Pick up a joke book, a choose-your-own adventure book or a book filled with long riddles the family can figure out together. When voices get tired, an audio book will keep everyone riveted. For kids who aren’t yet readers, the family can invent a story together. Everyone in the car can take turns adding a line to the story until it reaches a neat finish or gets too silly to complete.  Solo Play  It’s fun to play and talk to each other in the car, but sometimes everyone needs a little downtime and solo play is the perfect thing for those moments. For tiny kids working on hand/eye coordination, bring a travel mug that has a straw hole and a handful of brightly colored straws cut down to the height of the cup. Let kids work on fitting the straws into the drinking hole until the cup is full. Another option is to pick up a cookie sheet at the dollar store and paint it with chalkboard paint. Pack it in a bag with a selection of magnets and colored chalk and you have an inexpensive and easy-to-pack activity kit. I-Spy kits are always fun for kids. Find a clear pencil pouch or one with a zipper, fill it with clear poly-beads or rice and little random things you find in your house, like buttons or tiny toys. Close the zipper, go over the zipper a couple of times with a hot glue gun to keep the pouch closed, and you have a handful of quiet fun for the kids....

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Two Tips For Making The Most Of Your Internship

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Over the course of earning your degree, you may be presented with an opportunity to intern with a professional in your field. In addition to being an excellent way to improve your resume, these opportunities can present you with opportunities for employment and networking that you need to utilize. However, there is a lot to do while preparing to start your internship, but remembering the following two points can help you to avoid some common interning mistakes. Have Confidence In Your Professional Abilities It is easy for you to be intimidated by the experienced and accomplished professionals that you will encounter during an internship. While it is true that you will have much to learn from these professionals, you should make sure to keep an eye open for opportunities to contribute to solving problems or proposing ideas. Sharing your views and proposing solutions can be intimidating, but this is an important part of being a productive employee. Even though your contributions to these efforts may seem small, learning to express yourself in a professional setting is one of the most valuable skills you can learn from your internship. If your idea is not well received by those around you, make sure to be humble, but ask questions concerning why the idea is not acceptable because this will help you to better refine your future suggestions. Be Sociable And Outgoing The majority of your time at an internship will be spent in the working environment. However, it is important for you to remain sociable. For example, you should make sure to introduce yourself to everyone in the area where you will be working. In addition to providing your name, make sure to offer to help in any way that you can. It is common for some companies to hire interns that have proven to be especially useful, and this simple step may allow you more opportunities to demonstrate your abilities and worth. While this may be difficult for introverted individuals, the benefits of staying disciplined and remaining outgoing can be worth far more than the mild stresses that it might cause. An internship can be an excellent opportunity for you to advance both your education and your career prospects. However, an internship can be an intimidating experience, and it is important for you not to feel overwhelmed. By making sure that you confidently share your ideas and that you stay sociable, you may find that your time as an intern is one of the most valuable experiences that you will have. Contact a business, such as Take Your Success, for more...

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A Couple Of Tips To Protect Your Comic Book Collection

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Comic books have been a staple of popular culture for decades, and if you are like many other individuals you may be interested in collecting comics. However, maintaining a comic book collection is more complicated than many new collectors may anticipate. As a result, they may make some errors that can expose their books to a greater risk of suffering damage. Luckily, you can follow these two tips to help protect your prized comic collection. Minimize Comic Books’ Exposure To Strong Lights It is common for comic collectors to want to display their collection in a prominent area. While this is a perfectly understandable desire, many novice collectors may be unaware that placing their collection in a bright area can expose the comics to damage. This is particularly true when the light is from the sun because the ultraviolet rays can have a bleaching effect on the colors, and this can quickly ruin a collection. Ideally, you should store your comics in a cool and dry, dark area. However, if you must store them in an area that receives direct sunlight, you will need to invest in special protective coverings that can reflect the ultraviolet rays before they can harm the comics. While these covers are far more expensive than traditional ones, the protection they offer may make them more than worth it to you.  Invest In An Insurance Policy For Your Collection Unfortunately, there are some damages and problems that may not be able to be avoided. For example, theft, fire and water damage are all issues that can be almost impossible to avoid, and they can destroy your collection. While many people may assume that their homeowner’s policy will cover these losses, this may not be the case. It is common for these policies to not cover collectible items.  Fortunately, there are insurance policies you can purchase that are specifically designed to cover losses or damages to rare and collectible items. Furthermore, your insurance company may allow you to bundle this policy with your existing homeowners insurance to help reduce the cost of your monthly premiums.  Male and female comic books are fairly common collections, and they can be extremely valuable to the owner in both emotional and financial terms. For those that are just embarking on building a comic collection, it is important to understand what can be done to protect it from common sources of damage. By understanding the threats posed by intense light and the benefits of having an insurance policy for the collection, you can help protect this...

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